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You can only log in to your account from one device or browser at a time. After logging in, you’ll be logged out from any other device or browser you were using. You need to have a LINE BITMAX Wallet account to use the LINE NFT service. After downloading the Ascendex app, log in to your account by entering your details. The interface will allow you to perform almost all the functions available in the web version, including deposits, withdrawals, analyze graphics and position and cancel orders. The Ascendex security system is acceptable, although it does not have a cold storage fund storage system .

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  • Relatively new exchange , which is actively growing and adding new trading pairs on a frequent basis.
  • For futures, taker fees reach 0.065% and maker fees 0.025% with -0.025% rebate.
  • Bitmax still has room for improvements when it comes to the educational resources provided to customers.
  • Response with 0 code and status ACCEPT to indicate new order request is accepted by our match engine.

This API returns all current history orders for the account specified. If you need earlier data or more filter, please refer to Order History API. If you set symbol to be a single symbol, such as BTMX/USDT, the API will respond with the target order as an object.

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The trading enrolment is very user-friendly with API and web/H5/APP support. Capable of handling 400k transactions per second, the API interface supports numerous order types and offers trading support across professional traders and investors. Within ZenLedger, on the Import Transactions page and Exchanges tab, select the Exchange you want to import.

Apart from that, you should see what security measures are applied by the platform to safeguard the users’ data and funds. The security of the exchange is fortified with cooperation with a third-party independent security firm. Multi-level firewalls are set up to track system data processing in real-time. When it comes to digital asset security, multi-factor authentication, and a combination of hardware and software wallets are integrated to provide top-notch security.

For futures, taker fees reach 0.065% and maker fees 0.025% with -0.025% rebate. To buy and sell cryptocurrencies, choose the option “Cash trading” at the level with which you feel comfortable. Choose the pair you want to trade and the chart will be displayed. You can buy in market, Limit, Stop Limit and Stop Market modes.

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You can make fast deposits using a credit/debit card or wire transfer and get the account verified in due time by submitting the required identification documents. Bitmax has several policies in place, including for withdrawals, privacy, order execution, and AML. Increased platform flexibility means the Bitmax solution can be used via any device, including smartphones or tablets, as long as access to a browser and internet connection is granted. Hacken researchers identified and helped fix a bug in Binance’s zkSNARK-based Proof of Reserves system related to BasePrice overflow.


Bitmax stepped up and provided superior service; their insight and expertise throughout the process made all the difference. We connect content owners and platforms to viewers, delivering your content on any screen around the world. Bitmax has the systems and expertise to ingest, QC and prep any video content for any media project on any platform. We’re among the world’s largest independent digital supply chain providers.


Whthe definitive guide to custom software development software developmenter you’re a first-time crypto investor or a battle-hardened trader, AscendEX has more ways to put your money to work. AscendEX lists new coins almost every day, weeks before the other exchanges, so you can get the ground-floor price. We stand behind our service quality, and are committed to job integrity and customer care.

As the native token of the BitMax.io platform, BTMX tokens are paired with BTC and USDT and can be traded on the secondary market as well as used for additional benefits on the platform. In this way, traders actually reduce their transaction costs and can either hold or trade BTMX tokens on the platform. The main trading functionality can be found in the Markets section of the AscendEX website. In this section, you can access both spot and futures markets. In the spot market, you can use 3x to 25x leverage for certain pairs.

If you’re unable to perform the steps above in the LINE app, try resetting your passcode from LINE BITMAX Wallet for web browsers. Deleting your LINE BITMAX Wallet account will delete your LINE NFT account, so be sure to check whether you have any incomplete payments or items registered for sale. Read the important notes about deleting your account and check the box to indicate your agreement. You can check your transaction details from History on the LINE BITMAX Wallet main menu. • You are sent tokens that you earned from using a service.

We suggest using your digital assets or sending them to another wallet before deleting your account. When sending digital assets between LINE BITMAX Wallet accounts, a transaction will appear as failed if it can’t be sent for any reason. If a transaction fails, the digital asset will be returned to the sender’s LINE BITMAX Wallet account. LINE BITMAX Wallet is a wallet service that lets you manage your digital assets. You can also use it to send digital assets to friends on LINE or to other wallets. For margin trading with Ascendex go to the “Margin” option displayed on the top bar of the platform.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

https://coinbreakingnews.info/ is definitely one of the top projects to watch in 2019 and beyond. Another important fact to note is that you don’t have to hold the BTMXP tokens until they are fully mined. You have the option to sell BTMXP at the market rate at any point if you need liquidity. You can request margin risk for a symbol via websocket by an margin-risk request. You can request the current order book via websocket by an market-trades request.


The site has more than 190 trading pairs and 40 trading margin pairs. You will then borrow money from the exchange to purchase cryptography. The first example of such features is BitMax.io’s innovative “Trans-Fee Mining” model.

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These tokens may be saved in the Ascendex wallet and withdrawn to other platforms, which is convenient if we analyze withdrawal fees. Line has actively embraced crypto and blockchain technology so far. In 2018, Line launched its native cryptocurrency called Link along with the token-based blockchain network Link Chain.

Therefore it has much lower volatility compared to other pairs, making it the perfect instrument for multiple turnovers of any amount of funds with low risk of loss. There are over 4,000 users on their Youtube channel; the channel consists of several tutorials about using the app and the BTMX. They have a 17k Twitter follower, which lists updates on the exchange site, and lists the latest tokens. Industry average has for a long time been 0.25% but we now see many exchanges moving towards lower trading fees (0.05%-0.15%). Regardless of which exchange you compare BitMax’s fees to, they are competitive. As many other exchanges, BitMax does not accept US-investors on its platform.


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